Our Process

Once you order a repair from our website (or custom repair invoice), you'll receive an automated email with instructions on how to package the console and where to send it using whichever mail service you prefer (we're located in Washington State). Our prices cover return shipping.

Our repairs usually take between 1-5 business days, from the time we receive the console to the time we ship it back to you.

Delays can happen due to: 1. COVID issues- Parts shipped from China are taking much longer to arrive and some electronic components are extremely hard to get because of worldwide shortages. 2. Additional repairs- If your console needs additional work after the original repair is complete, it may require more time since we have to contact you, explain the issue and get permission to proceed.

Once we receive your console, we'll send an email with your scheduled repair date. For return shipping, all packages are insured up to $100. If you would like faster shipping or more insurance, please contact us and we'll bill you for any additional fees.

We test primary console functions before shipping it back to you. All console repairs listed on the website have a 90-day warranty. Custom repairs not listed on the website may or may not have a limited warranty; it depends on the repair.

If the console is not repairable, we refund your card, minus our $39 bench fee for the time spent diagnosing and working on the console. We can then send the console back to you or recycle it here locally.

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to repairing your console!