DDC / Booster IC (Xbox One X, Series X, Series S)
DDC / Booster IC (Xbox One X, Series X, Series S)

DDC / Booster IC (Xbox One X, Series X, Series S)

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The Xbox One X DDC IC (aka booster) is not available for sale by the electronics distributors. When you get a 'no video' condition, the hope is that it's just the redriver, or the HDD. But when those have been replaced, and the circuit has been checked over, the next item is likely the DDC IC.

The current approach is to find a donor system to grab parts from. Purchasing the IC from third parties (like eBay) is costly and there are no guarantees it works.

There are diagrams floating around various groups and repair forums stating that you can "bypass" the DDC IC, but when you do so, you put the 3.3V level logic at risk of damage from the 5V HDMI port side. I do not recommend "bypassing" the DDC IC. You can cause irreversible damage to the SoC side.


This specific design is focused for the Xbox One X, the same board can be installed on an Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. It is an alternative to the DDC IC found on the latest Xbox One consoles.


  • Provides overcurrent protection on the port side in the event of a 5V short to GND.
  • Provides an electrically isolated path of the low speed IO (LSIO) between the console and TV side when the console is shut off. This applies to the 5V, DDC SCL/SDA, and HPD signals.
  • Provides electrical level translation from the 3.3V SoC side to the 5V HDMI port side (applies to DDC SCL/SDA, and HPD signals).
Please be aware that this product is non-returnable. This is due to the specific nature of its application and the expertise required to install it. When purchasing this product, you are accepting the condition that it cannot be returned for a refund or exchange.
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