Q) I purchased a repair, what do I do now?

A) Ship the console to us! As soon as you’ve completed your order, you can ship the console to us immediately.

  1. Package your device carefully (pad it carefully with bubble wrap, especially the corners) and put it in a box. We recommend a 14x14x6 or similar sized shipping box for large game consoles (PS4, Xbox One, etc.) and a small flat rate box from the Post Office for handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch. It is up to you on whether you purchase insurance for your device when you ship it to us. We cover up to $100 if a package is damaged or lost during return shipping. If you would like us to cover more than that, please contact us so we can send a custom quote for the repair.

  2. DO NOT SHIP CABLES or CONTROLLERS or DOCKS! We have everything we need to test your console and you're only risking items getting lost.

  3. Inside the box, include your order confirmation or name, return address, and phone number. This will let us know who the console belongs to when it arrives.

  4. Ship it to us using whatever shipping company you prefer (UPS, USPS, etc.) We prefer UPS but you can use whichever service you like. 
Our Address:
ShaneFix, LLC
615 SE Birch Ave.
College Place, WA  99324

*Please Note: We do not ship back to Military addresses (We've had too many broken consoles.)
**Please note: We use UPS Ground shipping and do not require a signature when delivered. If you would like signature confirmation please let us know.

Q) How do I contact you?
 Use our Contact Page.

Q) What if my device stops working again?
A) We offer a 90 day warranty on most repairs. Even if it is outside of the warranty period we will likely still offer you a discount on the repair. Our warranty covers parts and labor but does not cover abuse, liquid damage, dropped devices, insect infestations, etc. 

Q) What if my device is not fixable?
A) If, for some reason, we cannot repair your device we do not charge you for the repair. We normally offer a full refund less shipping costs (Usually around $20). In some cases we can offer you a refurbished device to trade in your non-fixable item for. We also can recycle your device if you'd rather not pay the return shipping fee. 

Q) What is your turnaround time
A) Our turnaround is often a day or two but can take up to five business days for some repairs. Keep in mind that this is ONLY the time for the actual repair. Our free return shipping takes an additional 4-5 business days.

Q) Are there things you don't fix?
A) While we do our best to repair as many problems as possible with game consoles there are a few repairs that we don't perform here. Rather than paying to send your device to us only to find it's not fixable when we receive it, we'd rather avoid that situation altogether. To combat this problem we've compiled a list of repairs that we don't perform here:

- Xbox One Original, S and X power problems - Most of the time power problems such as not powering on at all and/or powering on then off are caused by faults with the APU and/or Southbridge. Sometimes the fault is with the solder balls under the chip and sometimes there is a problem with the chip itself.

- Xbox One Original, S and X hard drive errors - Errors such as E102, 106, 101, etc. are usually caused by hard drive problems.

- PS4 USB ports not working - This is often caused by a faulty Southbridge chip.

- Data saves and/or transfers on any game console

- Modded or hacked consoles - We don't repair any console that has been modded or hacked

- Bug infested consoles - ICKY!! We DO NOT repair consoles that have been inhabited by bugs. NOTE: If you have a cockroach problem in your home, I can almost guarantee your console will be infected with them. If you ship your bug infested console to us, we will ship it right back and you will pay for shipping and return-shipping.

Why don't we perform these repairs? We do not perform any repairs that require the Southbridge or APU to be removed. Many times, repairs on these large chips cannot be guaranteed because there is no way to know how long the repair will last. If we cannot fully guarantee a single repair for at least 90 days, not including special circumstances, we will not offer the repair. The APU and Southbridge in general are also very large and require a lot of heat to remove and install. We simply do not stock the equipment necessary to perform these types of repairs. 

DIY Repair Options: You can find some of these repairs over on our YouTube channel. Since it is a young channel, we don't have much up, but do have lots of videos currently in production. Check back regularly! You can also head over to the TronicsFix YouTube channel. Steve likely already has a video going over the repair you're looking for. You can also check out their forum and blog.

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Q) Where are your terms of service?